Glands stones and natural remedies

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Internal Washing Program for Liver, Kidney, and Gallbladder

Hamid Dashti

This medical fasting and internal washing program is designed for individuals experiencing pain or dysfunction in their liver, kidney, and gallbladder. It offers a natural method to remove stones from these glands without the use of chemical drugs. The effectiveness of this recipe has been tested.

It is important to note that this program is simple and aims to test the connected pipes within the body. The digestive system and internal glands are softened using olive oil, and if there are stones present, they are broken down using lemon juice.

The medical fasting discussed in this program helps reduce swelling and eliminate existing stones. During the summer, watermelon is recommended as the best ingredient to use instead of apple juice. Watermelon can be consumed as the sole food ingredient throughout the day.

Prior to the first day of the program, it is advised to consume carrot juice, apple juice, and pumpkin seeds (for strength). This helps cleanse the intestines and prepares the body for the second day of the program.

Day 1 and 2:

- Rest in bed from approximately 9 am to 4 pm.

- Drink freshly squeezed apple juice throughout the day. Watermelon can be consumed according to the instructions mentioned above.

- On this day, refrain from eating any solid food.

- In the middle of the day, mix 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice. Stir well and consume.

- Rest is crucial, and it is recommended to sleep on the right side of the body for as long as possible. This allows the oil and lemon juice to reach the gallbladder. If the program is for kidney stones, sleep on the side where the pain is located.

- The mixture of olive oil and lemon juice helps soften the ducts and break down the stones. Since there is no food in the ducts, it is likely that the stones will be expelled through urine and feces.

- Typically, after 6 hours, the stool becomes watery. If it is a kidney stone, the urine may cause a burning sensation, indicating the removal of the stones from the internal glands.

- Green stones may continue to be present for a few hours. Due to the oil, the stool may float, allowing for a closer examination. Gallstones appear turquoise blue, while kidney stones appear white.

It is important to note that the presence of stones should be confirmed by a healthcare professional. This internal washing program should be followed under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider.

Note: This text has been edited for clarity and readability.

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