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Boost the immune system and make it hard for the virus to live!

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The Story:

Shaman Hamid David’s ANTIVIRAL/Immune booster formula:

I must first and foremost give credit to Dr. Christopher for this formula, whose inspirational life as an herbalist and his works have helped shape the practice of herbal medicine as it is today in the U.S.A.

Antiviral formulas have been around for a while now in one form or another and usually contain some of the ingredients in this formula. So it is fair to say that indeed, many herbalists today would have learned a similar way of putting some herbs together in order to achieve a desired result based on the properties of the herbs.

I have, however, spent the last 19 years perfecting and testing this one. I am using myself, my family members, friends, and just about anyone who has asked me for help during the flu season to adjust its properties. This is a short essay on the ingredients of Shaman’s antiviral and their respective effects on the immune system. There are seven main ingredients in this formula:


Cayenne pepper, Echinacia Porporia (root) 

3-Golden seal  

4-myrrh powder 

5: Elderberry Flowers 

6-Comfrey Herb

7-Hyssop (Optional)

By now, most people know about the use of Garlic, Golden seal, and echinacea as immune-boosting herbs, mainly due to years of evidence and hard work by naturopathic doctors and even some MD’s. We have come a long way since the 1970s, when folks used to call me a health nut!

What is, however, not general knowledge is that Cayenne (in raw form) has the highest vitamin “C” content of any food substance, including citruses. In addition, Cayenne is the most effective way to increase circulation and disinfect the blood system of the body, which, of course, aids in faster recovery from any ailment. Finally, I add Myrrh as an aid to the digestive tract and general well-being (in controlled amounts of this potent herb).

This formula can be taken daily (1-2 capsules) as an immune booster (I take one daily myself) and as many as 6–8 a day during an infection by a cold or flu virus (two every 4 hours). It is safe for children at 1/4 times the adult dosage. This formula basically boosts our body’s own God-given immune system and disinfects, as it were, the total environment. It has no side effects and, if accompanied by rest, liquids, sunshine, and a little food, will get rid of any flu virus in less than 72 hours.

My suggestion to anyone dealing with colds and flu is to remember that viruses love sweet, starchy, meaty environments and hate bitter, hot, and garlicky ones. One would do well to stay away from dairy, meats, sweets, and starches during a cold. Make it hell for the virus, and they will leave faster. I must also add that a general healthy way of life will always keep the immune system up. As an added note, for example, an 8-ounce glass of Soda pop will reduce the immune system of the body by 40% for up to 4 hours, leaving the body prone to attacks and infection. We are indeed what we eat! Get yours today!

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